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Some of the Rules framed by the Government of India that could be interest to an electricity consumer are:

Means of delivery of Notice, Order or Document Rules, 2004

Section 171 of the Electricity Act lays down the method and manner in which a notice, document or order required to be issued under the Act needs to be served.  These rules amplify the method and manner in which the service of notices, documents or orders can happen.  These rules prescribe that the service can happen through delivery and acknowledgement, through telegraphic message, email or fax.

Appeal to the Appellate Authority Rules, 2004

Section 126 of the Electricity Act, 2003 provides for assessment of amount payable for unauthorized use of electricity.  If a consumer is aggrieved of the orders passed by the assessing authority, he can approach the appellate authority specifically provided for that purpose u/s 127 of the Act.  These rules framed by the Government of India provide for the manner in which the State Government concerned shall constitute an appellate authority u/s 127 of the Act.

Procedure for Holding Inquiry by Adjudicating Officer Rules, 2004

Section 143 of the Act provides for the appointment of an adjudicating officer for the purpose of determining whether or not non-compliance with the directions issued by a Regional Load Despatch Centre (section 29) or State Load Despatch Centre (section 33) has occurred, and whether or not a Licensee failed to comply with the duty laid by the Act to supply electricity u/s 43 of the Act.  These rules prescribe the procedure to be adopted for the adjudication.  

Electricity Rules, 2005

These rules are quite important from an electricity consumer’s perspective because they prescribe, among various other things, as to how the CGRF should be constituted and the Ombudsman shall function (Rule 7).  They also amplify as to who shall take cognizance of an offence committed under the Act (Rule 12).

Electricity (Procedure for Previous Publication) Rules 2005 

These rules prescribe the procedure that needs to be adopted by the Commission for making regulations.  

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