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Some of the Regulations framed by the Hon’ble AP Electricity Regulatory Commission that would be of relevance and importance to an electricity consumer include:

Regulation 3 of 2016:   Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Consumer Grievances Redressal forum, Vidyut Ombudsman and Consumer Assistance Regulation, 2016    provides for the constitution of Consumer Grievances Redressal Forums by the DISCOMs, the establishment of the institution of the Vidyut Ombudsman and providing for consumer assistance by the Commission.  

Regulation 4 of 2013: Licensee’s Duty to Supply electricity on request and recovery of expenses for providing electric line or electrical plant.   1st Amendment

Regulation 2 of 2005:  Terms and Conditions of Open Access to intra-state transmission and distribution networks.

Regulation 1 of 2005:  Fees payable to APERC along with Applications / Petitions submitted to the Commission, the annual fees to be paid by the Licensees, the fees payable for other miscellaneous activities like inspection of Commission’s records, etc.  1st Amendment

Regulation 7 of 2004:  Standards of Performance Regulation laid down by the Hon’ble APERC to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply.  1st Amendment  2nd Amendment

Regulation 6 of 2004:  Security Deposit payable by consumers to the DISCOMs for the energy supplied and for providing of electric line/electrical plant/electric meter.  1st Amendment

Regulation 5 of 2004:  Electricity Supply Code specifies the manner in which the DISCOM can recover the electricity charges for the supply made, disconnection of supply for non-payment thereof, restoration of supply, and tampering, distress or damage to electrical plant, electric lines or meter.  1st Amendment  2nd Amendment

Regulation 4 of 2004:  Procedure for filing Appeal before Appellate Authority specifies the form, manner of verification and fees payable by a person aggrieved by a final order made under section 126 of the Act for preferring the appeal.

Regulation 1 of 2004:  Establishment of CGRF and Vidyut Ombudsman for redressal of grievances provides for guidelines to the DISCOMs for setting up the CGRFs and for the appointment of Vidyut Ombudsman by the Commission.   1st Amendment This regulation has since been repealed by Regulation 3 of 2016.

Regulation 7 of 2000:  Consumers’ Right to Information prescribes the circumstances in which the DISCOMs have to inform the consumers of their rights.  

Code of Practice on payment of bills establishes a standard procedure for issue and payment of electricity bills.

Complaint Handling Procedures mention the form and manner in which the DISCOM’s authorities need to be approached for getting the complaints resolved

General Terms & Conditions of Service detail the various provisions subject to which the DISCOMs supply electricity to consumers.  These are the first place of reference for any consumer to determine whether or not there is deficiency of service on the part of the DISCOM.  Amendment dtd 23-01-2009  Amendment dtd 07-03-2012  Amendment dtd 31-05-2014


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