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If an electricity consumer is aggrieved with the order passed by the CGRF concerned, an appeal can be made out, duly enclosing a copy of the order passed by the CGRF. The appeal can be sent by normal post. If a confirmation about the receipt of the appeal in the office of the Vidyut Ombudsman is required, the appeal can be sent through registered post.

On receipt of the appeal, the appeal will be numbered. Based on the earliest available date for hearing the matter, notices will be issued to the appellant as well as the respondents scheduling a hearing for the appeal. The material papers filed by the appellant will be communicated to the respondent officers requiring them to file their written submissions, if any, duly serving the same on the appellant.

On the date of the hearing, the appellant as well as respondents are required to be present. If the appellants or respondents are desirous of getting their matter heard through a counsel, they can authorize an advocate or some other knowledgeable person to appear on their behalf and argue the matter.

Once the matter is heard and reserved for orders, final orders will be passed in the matter and communicated to the appellant as well as respondents.

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