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Order in Appeal No.154 of 2013


Billing during R&C period -- Consumer opting for 18 days supply at 100% contracted demand and 12 days power holiday -- DISCOM levying demand charges for 12 days power holiday period -- Held not leviable in view of the Hon’ble Commission’s orders -- Calculation of demand charges at penal rates challenged -- Challenge negatived on account of the calculations being done correctly -- Calculation of off-peak energy entitlement by taking 06:00 hrs as the starting period in a day -- Held not valid as the Hon’ble Commission had stated that the R&C order in question shall come into force from 00:00 hrs on 07-11-2012 -- Delayed payment charges levied at the rate of 1.5% per month even for a delay of one day -- Held not valid as they have to be levied on the actual number days delayed.


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by Dr. Radut