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The APERC (AP Electricity Regulatory Commission) brought the institution of Vidyut Ombudsman into existence in the year 2004.  Ever since, the Commission had been entrusting the work of the Vidyut Ombudsman to one of its own Officers in addition to their original duties.  In November, 2013 the Commission appointed a full-time Officer as Vidyut Ombudsman with an independent establishment.

Vidyut Ombudsman is an authority providing an effective, alternate, time-bound and cost-less route for resolving the problems of the Electricity Consumers. Any person affected by deficiency in electricity related service can approach the Vidyut Ombudsman for redressal of grievances.

Before approaching the Vidyut Ombudsman in appeal, the Consumer should exhaust all the other available remedies.  The available remedies for a consumer start with the Complaint Handling Procedure in every DISCOM (Distribution Company).  If the consumer is not satisfied with the result of the Complaint Handling Procedure, he can then approach the CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum) of the respective DISCOM for redressal. If the consumer is not happy with the decision of the CGRF, he can make an appeal to the Vidyut Ombudsman. Vidyut Ombudsman is thus an appellate authority.

The DISCOMs have to comply with the orders of Vidyut Ombudsman.

At present Sri.N.Basavaiah is the Vidyut Ombudsman.

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